Monday, 8 December 2008

Hello everyone

Well I have decided to do my blog, because I can then talk to all my friends

Big kisses and cuddles for Ady, Lou, Em, and Georgia oops nearly forgot rolo and Bailey xxxxxx

Well had a rubbish day at school, didn't go swimming :0( had crappy maths litrecy and science, was glad to get home.

Take care everyone


Munchies hideout said...

Hello gorgeous girl mommy here....Loving the blog hunny...just make sure you keep it upto date as much as possible...
loves ya mommy

Louise Emma said...

Hiya Kt..... brilliant start to your blog babe, now I can keep up with all you are up to xxxxxx

Louise Emma said...

Hiya hunny, have put your countdown on Kt xxxxxxxxxx

Louise Emma said...

Oi come on...... get yapping...... thought you were gonna keep in touch.... you made Uncle Ady cry today xxxx

shellshearer said...

come on darling get this thing updated !!!

mommy xx